She is something special. ‘S’he is something more, the first alphabet explains itself.

There is always a ‘she’ in your life.

She is your affectionate mother, the sole reason for you to exist and for what you are. Seldom has she cared for her like she did for you.

She is your understanding sister, the one you can always talk to. Always a shoulder to cry on.

She is your honest friend, the one that slaps you with reality. Trust her, she knows the best.

She is your caring partner, the one who pushes you forward. She entrusted you with her life.

She is your sweet daughter, the one that illuminates you with her smile in the darkest of days. Innocent, kind and forgiving.

She was, she is, she will always be there for you.


Weak in bones, strong at heart

  Stands by you no matter what


It was never easy for her to grow up in the society that we live in. A million eyes watching her every day, she is always in the spot light. She performs before the entire audience of critics who are ready to question even her slightest of moves. She is bold and beautiful. She doesn’t need respect but deserves it.


A candle in darkness, a shadow in light;

 Hope she gives and polite she is”


This is not a cliché because this is about her. It is about time we give her the care and attention that she deserves. Take pride in saying you love her. She is nothing but an inspiration. She should not be worshipped, she must be celebrated!

                                       Thank you for being ‘her’ to every one of us.


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