Disappointment in Disguise


This is a self-written note for you, by you.

The road you travel isn’t going to be smooth. So, learn to pick yourself up because no one else will. The people who were there for you will leave, owing to time or circumstances. You know how it feels to be abandoned by someone else. Each time you ignore yourself for another person, you are betraying yourself.


Everyone has their own life. You perceive someone to be something. But sooner or later, your perception fails. So, is it their mistake that they are not what you thought them to be?   Is it your mistake to sketch them as you wanted?   You can’t draw a circle inside a square and expect the square to behave like a circle. So, is it right of us to ask more?


Human Beings and desires go hand in hand. Even Buddha “desired to get rid of all the desires”. If you think you are lucky to be born a human, know this. You are unlucky to be inherent with desires and greediness. It is all part of the system. So is it natural for us to expect?


Humans, like to be liked. So, they always tend to project a better disguise of themselves, for which we fall. We later regret it. But, looking back doesn’t matter because we don’t go towards that direction. Regrets make us who we are. They teach us not to fall for the same, again. So, we are better off not regretting our regrets.


With time, we heal. But then, there are scars that won’t. It’s okay. Scars are testimony to the fact that we did well to answer some of life’s most difficult questions. We must never let the past take control of the future, let alone our actions.


With experience, we grow. But we are stuck in these experiences sometimes. The key here lies in hope. It is the fuel that takes you places when you lose your path. Hope for a change and cling on to it because change is inevitable. Not all experiences change you, some change your life. Somewhere down the line, you’ll realize that the happiest memories in your diary will be because of something that changed. Therefore, don’t get tired of falling down because you’ll be soaring high, one day.


At last, is there a way out, where we are not hindered because of what we had expected?


Inescapably, NO.


Because, sometimes we must learn to accept rather than expect. And everything comes at a price.


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