The Family called Friends

I cried, I pleaded them not to leave me there but my parents abandoned and left me in a new place where I hardly knew anyone. Yes, it was the first day of school. The teacher assured my parents that she would take good care of me and made me sit on a front bench. There were others like me. The classroom turned quiet as the teacher asked the names of the students in the class. We stood in our places and introduced ourselves. I could remember only the names of the neighboring kids. They were the first friends I made and it was also the first time I talked to anyone who were not my family (or so I thought, then). I started adapting to the new environment. We played almost every day and I started making new friends in the class. As each day passed, lesser I cried and quicker I was ready for school. From being a scary place to being a home, the classroom became familiar.


Every day was exciting. As we grew up, the subjects changed, the teachers changed but my friends never did. We all became bigger but we were the same inside. Although the class was split into many groups (‘gangs’ as they liked to call), we all were mostly tied up to each other. Then as years passed, school life almost came to an end. With greater time being spent in schools and tuitions, classroom and friends became our home and family. We always were looking forward to our college lives. But on the last day of school we realized that we had been having the best days of our lives. We left our school teary eyed, with the promise to stay in touch forever.


College started, promises faded. Friends change with time as looks change with age. As expected, college life had more to offer. I did find some new friends here and I had some of my school friends coming to my college and into my life as well.  Give it a few days, you’ll realize you are one among the two kinds of people in your college. The one that loves college and the one that hates it. There is no in-between. I belonged to the former, thanks to the friends I had, which is the predominant variable in deciding our kind. College life is exciting. College friendships are more mature and less silly. They come in two concentric circles, with the outer circle growing larger and the inner circle growing closer. Best friends made here sure guarantee a life-time relationship. Sometimes they know us better than ourselves. Crushes, relationships, heart-breaks and lots of other memories are made, but looking deep, we’ll find that the happiest memories contain our friends.


Years later, everything changes.

Time changes, Relationship changes. But at least, let’s make sure that our friendship lasts forever.



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