Immortal memories

Immortal memories Episode 1



Page –  6  – (21/07/2010)


It was lunch time. Mom made me noodle for my lunch. As soon as I opened the tiffin box, creatures that hadn’t eaten for centuries finished it in less than a milli-second. These creatures were my classmates and friends. But I wasn’t that hungry though. So, it felt like I did a good deed, by giving food to the hungry and the needy. Generally, the entire class lies dead during the class hours and resurrects and becomes lively during the lunch breaks and the intervals. But there she was, the new comer, the only odd thing in the class, sitting alone in her bench and quietly eating her lunch. Looks like she didn’t have much people to talk to. Hope she finds her friends eventually. The classes were usual but there were lots of assignments given today. Forget having a deep sleep, I don’t even think I’ll have a sleep tonight.



Page  –  7  – (22/07/2010)


   I woke up late today. Yeah, you read that right. I dozed off as soon as I completed the first page of my assignment. There were still 8 pages of assignment left to be done and I was already late to school. I had two options, either to pray to god to not get caught today or to go to my mom and ask for her help in completing the assignment. The second option was more practical and reasonable. I asked my mom to complete my assignments by the time I got ready to school. She said she’d complete it as soon as she makes my lunch. So, I took my time and got ready to school. As I was leaving my home, Mom said she couldn’t only do the last part of the assignment. I said I’d complete that when I reach the school and left my home.


As I entered the class which had already begun, the teacher was checking the assignments of the students. I thought I’d ask him for an excuse with an excusable reason that I couldn’t complete just the last part of the assignment and escape from trouble. And this is what I did. The teacher asked the note and I gave it to him confidently. He stared at me for a while and asked me to stand along with the other defaulters. I didn’t know why and I opened my note. It seems what my mom meant was that she couldn’t complete the last part of the second page, let alone the entire assignment. Guess she wanted her son to eat delicious food and be tummy-full rather than helping him avoid getting beaten by his teacher. The teacher finally came and showed us how swiftly he can wave the cane and simultaneously hit us without missing his target. We, the people on the receiving end shouted in pain whereas they, the audience of the class laughed watching at us. Everyone was entertained with the afore mentioned act. Even the new comer who used to look numb and sit quietly, had a slight smile on her face. When the teacher first hit me on my palm, I didn’t shout or react much so as to save myself from the embarrassment. Seems the teacher thought he couldn’t evoke laughter in the crowds and hit me again, harder this time. I couldn’t hide the pain and shouted in agony which in turn entertained the whole class. If only I had completed the assignments. If only mom had cared about my self-respect..



PAGE  –  8 –  (23/07/2010)


Today we had a free hour. Luckily, our class teacher allowed us to play in this hour. So, we went to the ground to play cricket, while some played football. I didn’t have a nice game today, getting myself out for a golden duck. Why do they even call it that?  I don’t know, but I knew I was going to be the fun topic of the day. So, to save myself from some mockery and insult, I went back to the classroom with an excuse that I had a head ache and I wanted to get some sleep.

I entered the class and I saw the new comer, Mitra Anand sitting in her place quietly reading a book. As she raised her head, having a glance at me, she started laughing. I could see that she tried controlling from laughing on my face but she couldn’t. I really didn’t know how she knew what happened in the cricket ground. She said she was sorry, but as soon as she saw me, she couldn’t help but remember the funny face I made yesterday while getting beaten by the teacher. And there I was, thinking I could save myself from embarrassment by getting out of the ground, just to jump into another. I couldn’t blame her. The whole class was laughing at me yesterday. I nodded and went back to my place. She turned around and gave me a sorry smile. A smile on her face and she looked completely a different person. A simple expression that made her beautiful than anyone, I had ever seen before. For a moment, I gazed at her not knowing what to react. Pulling together my senses, I smiled back at her. She then resumed to her books, but I was trapped in that moment. It played again and again, as if I was stuck in a loop. Maybe it’s because she’s beautiful. But I’ve had my share of crushes before. No, this time was different. Maybe, I liked her. So, should I talk to her? Maybe. Maybe, now?  NO. It will be too cheesy. I’ll talk to her the next time we meet. So, tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow looks fine.


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