The Illuminati Series ep – 1



Hey there!

You know about Illuminati, right?

You know? You don’t?

Yeah? No?

Alright, no issues. We’ll sort this out.

Conspiracy theories are developed in such a manner that can help people explain weird and creepy things. Illuminati is a popular conspiracy concept that has been adopted by some of the people across the world. Illuminati is ‘’assumed’’ to be a secret society that has been controlling the way the world works, for a long long time. The term ‘Illuminati’ refers to the ‘Illuminated ones’.

The origin of Illuminati can be dated long back to the 18th century, when a group of people who opposed the concepts of philosophies and the sciences of Roman Catholic church, formed a shadow organisation. They wanted to enlighten their people on superstitions and other prejudices. They sought for freedom over the authoritarian power of the Catholic churches and the restrictions of the government.

Few years later, the secret societies were made illegal and people who still practiced their agenda were punished to death. The existence of this secret society is now unknown and has no real proven evidence. However, certain people believe that a modern secret organisation called the ‘skull and bones’ is a branch of Illuminati and they play a role in a global conspiracy for world control.  (So, are they back?)


But how does the said secret society control the world?

It is assumed that Illuminati consists of people who have a great influence on us. For instance, Music has been the greatest influence in the modern world. Many celebrities from the music industry such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Katy Perry are considered to be a part of Illuminati. But, when they were asked about this, they dismissed this as mere stupidity. (Of course, to conspiracy theorists, that’s exactly what a member of the Illuminati would say).

To govern the world in its own manner, there have been few historical incidents that are said to be the work of Illuminati. One of them is said to be the planned assassination of John F Kennedy (aka JFK), arguably America’s most influential leader till date.

Another enigma is the sudden death of MJ. Michael Jackson, the king of pop culture is said to be either a member of illuminati or someone who tried to expose the secret society (allegedly which is why he was killed). His death still remains a mystery, although official records point to drug intoxication.


So why do I tell you all this?


This series consists of several episodes, with each episode shedding some light on several interesting conspiracy theories, much like the illuminati. We’ll try decoding these theories but all, with a pinch of salt.




P.S Illuminati doesn’t particularly like to be exposed. But you’ve read this. So, what happens now?  Either this is just some random theory or you might have started counting your days. (You have known a bit too much, haven’t you?)





Episode 1: The Philadelphia Experiment



The year was 1943.

The time when there were no smart phones, no internet and no computers like in the modern world. The time when the whole world was only in need of peace and power. It had been 4 years into the Second World War with hundreds of casualties each day. But the hunger for power was never satiated.

America had declared war against Germany after the Pearl Harbour attack involving the latter. They wanted to pierce the Nazis on water, who were armed with a large fleet of ships. A radar device was used by Germany that detected all the enemy ships that came at a certain distance from the Nazi ships so that they could neutralize the attack long before it reaches the land. This prevented America in taking the attack to Germany. So, to bypass the radar, top war officials and scientists from the country came together to discuss a pioneer technology that doesn’t allow the ships to be detected in the radar. It is said that great physicists like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla have also participated in the discussions.

Eventually, they came up with an idea that allows the ship to appear invisible to radars, with the help of a large magnetic flux that is generated inside the ship, covering its entirety. Thus, an experiment was conducted by the US Naval military in Philadelphia to validate the theory. A destroyer ship called ‘USS Eldridge’ was used for the experiment. The idea was to get the ship to New York undetected in radars.

The experiment was initiated, with the generators inside the ship starting to produce large electro-magnetic flux that, which covers the ship. What happened next was not expected. It is said that a green fiery fog cloaked the ship completely and in a few minutes, the ship had disappeared. Later on, the ship was found in New York which allegedly had undergone teleportation. The crew members of the ship were found to be infused with the deck of the ship with none of them alive.  The US government immediately terminated the experiment and had made all the witnesses of the experiment to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), with punishable violations. The families of the crew members were informed that the ship along with its crew was destroyed by the enemy ships in the war. On the whole, the Philadelphia experiment was a disaster, but had failed results that were totally unforeseen by anyone.


The US government till date, has never admitted to the fact there was even an experiment conducted in the first place. Evidences only show that the US navy was in talks with Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and other scientists to develop a method to counter radar detection. But talks remained talks. No experiments were conducted conclusively.


12 years after the incident, in 1955, a person named Carl M. Allen had written a letter to an author Morris K. Jessop who had just published his book that was based on UFO. In this letter, Allen said that he was a witness to this secret experiment conducted by the US navy and claimed that the ship USS Eldredge had rendered invisible to teleport to New York and had also teleported through time resulting in the death of several sailors who were fused with the ship’s hull. But then, the author dismissed Allen as a crackpot.


Conclusively, there are no certain evidences that prove the Philadelphia experiment, which seems to be fictionalized.


But evidences can either be created or be destroyed, right?


So, what if Allen was true?

What if the US government had classified this project?


What if these are not just some conspiracy theories?

We’ll never know.


But one thing we can be sure of.

What we believe in, is what we are made to.


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