Relative Reality


Stand in their shoes and you will know


More often than not, you’d have heard phrases like this numerous times so much so that it has become a cliché now. But as we age, clichés start making sense and we wonder why they are called that. Because at the age of 16, you’d have been mad at your father for not buying you the fancy expensive bike that you had been wanting for a long time. 10 years down the line, you don’t spend a lot of money on that. You settle for a regular bike and save that extra money for something useful later.

So, why were you upset back then?

Just because you just looked from your own shoes.


Now, are you trying to see the other person’s side of the story too and make a decision?


Good. Because as we age, we realise it is not just about getting what we want or what makes us happy.




is it okay to always give up what we want?


Because there are people who take you to be vulnerable just because you have a tender quality to listen and understand. They take you for granted. They expect you to be there and favour them. But how long are you planning on aiding them?  

By helping out every time, you are excusing yourself from your individuality and your decision, every single time. So, the next time you sacrifice something you like, make sure they are worth it.

Situations occur, I agree. There can be some compelling exceptions. But you cannot live all your life for others. You are You. You are defined by the actions you make and the decisions you take.

You can just stand and look from their shoes for a while. You cannot stay there. They are not yours. You have your own. Your reality is different because what you’ve gone through is different. What you see life as, differs. A decision is not just made in that moment. A decision is made, in mind with all the past experiences you have had. Everyone has their own life. So, all of their judgements vary. No one can be blamed for the way they think and the way they are.

Maybe you will be termed selfish. Maybe you will be called self-centred.

But it’s okay.

Because to every one of us, reality is relative.










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