To infinity and beyond

Hey there.




I’m April! Nice to see you here.

*a brief moment of silence, April speaks*

Uh… And you are?


Um… Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Harry. I’m from Elm street, Greenville.


Oh good! we live in the same street then. Do you regularly come for jogging to this park?


Yeah, more often than not. But, I haven’t seen you around here. Are you new to this place?


Hmm yeah. I just moved here two weeks back. I don’t know many people here. So, thought I’d come to the park and befriend some.


Oh, nice. But, have we met before? I think I have seen you somewhere. But I really don’t remember where, exactly.


Ah, no. I don’t think so.


You have a striking resemblance to someone I know.


And who is that?


I don’t know. I can’t remember actually.


Its okay. Nice to meet you here. At last I have someone I know in this city.


Yeah, sure. Need any help, just ask me, alright?


Yup. I will.


*April leaves, but takes a step backward and turns back to Harry once again*


Hey, can you help me with something? I am not sure of the way to my house. Since we are from the same street, can you walk me there?


Hmm. Okay. I’ll just complete my routine around the park. Wait here for a few minutes, will you?


Okay, I’ll sit here till you finish.


*Harry completes his drill and sees April*


Ready to go home, April?


Yeah. Let’s start walking.


*April and Harry start walking to their homes, Harry speaks*


So, where are you from?


I was living in central city before I moved in here.


And you were working in?


Well, I was working as a CTO in a Corporate Network company.


Oh, that’s great. But then, what made you to come and live here?


Err… Uhh…


Its absolutely okay if you don’t want to tell.


Its not like I don’t want to… Its just that… umm…


No issues. Just so you know, don’t trust strangers to take you home everytime. Greenville isn’t a very nice place.


Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard. But you are a nice person. I know I can trust you! 


How are you so sure?


Don’t ask me how. I just know.


Hmm hmm..


*Harry and April chat for a while before April stops at a house*


Thanks for walking me here. This is my house. Come inside. I’ll make you a cup of coffee.


Uh. But April, I think you are mistaken. Actually, this place is mine. This is where I live.


I know, dad. We both live here. Now, come on in. Freshen up, I’ll get you coffee.


Dad? What? What is happening here?


Come on in. I’ll explain.


Uhhhh. I am not sure. I don’t think so..


*April drags her dad Harry to the hall, gives him a cup of coffee with his medicines dissolved in it. Harry drinks it. Drowsily, he lies on the couch and sees a potrait on the wall. Harry stares at it for a while*


Dad, that’s our family photo. You, me and mom. You told me that I resembled to someone you knew closely. You were right. I resemble mom.


Where is she?


She is no more dad. She died two weeks back. That’s when I moved in here with you.


Why didn’t you tell any of this to me, before?


Because you wouldn’t have believed me and it’d have been impossible for me to bring you back home, daddy.


April, what has happened to me? Why don’t I remember any of this?


*Unable to tell him of his Alzheimer’s disorder, wet-eyed April calms Harry*


Dad, don’t worry. Sleep tight. You’ll remember all of this when you wake up.


*Harry falls to sleep. Wiping tears from her eyes, April kisses his forehead*


From walking me as a child to walking with me as a child, things changed dad. Maybe you don’t remember much. Maybe you don’t remember any. But I know you still love me and deep inside your heart, you know I love you too. You have protected me, defended me and supported me in all kinds of situations, daddy. No one has ever cared for me like you did and I’m proud to say that. You are the only person I can go back to, no matter what trouble I get myself into. Thanks for all that, daddy.


You have been there all my life dad. Just remember I’ll be there for you too. Through thick and thin, to infinity and beyond…



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