Immortal memories ep – 3

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                                                                      Episode  3


Page – 9 – (24/07/2010)


Waking up early on a Saturday is a curse, I have school today. There is nothing to be excited about, except maybe for one thing.

“Hey, Happy Birthday’’ I was the first one to wish her, at least from the school. I had come early owing to morning tuitions and Mitra was already in the class, sitting alone, starring the blank black board. “Thank you. By the way, how did you know it’s my birthday today?” she asked. How can I tell her that I stalked her entire profile yesterday?

“I didn’t know, I just assumed because there are chocolates on your table” I survived an embarrassment.

“Ohh, that. I didn’t want anyone to know it’s my birthday. I don’t like too much attention. So, I thought I’ll just give these chocolates to the few people that I know well and escape grabbing the entire class’s attention before they start singing the ‘happy birthday’ song for the millionth time. C’mon here’s a chocolate for wishing me. But don’t tell anyone about this. This is highly confidential. I’m bribing you for this, here is a second one.”

“Sure. No one will ever know, unless you keep these chocolates on the table for everyone to get suspicious.”

“Haha! Yeah, I’ll clear this off before someone comes. Thanks!”

She looked beautiful. Not that she didn’t look nice the other days, but today was different. She had a glow on her face and a little bit of her make-up. But all in all, she was all i could think of. Our conversation was just like a text message chat, there was a record of everything that had happened in my mind. The scene kept playing again and again like a loop throughout the day. Time rushed through the entire day and classes were over, way before I thought. Everybody started packing their bags and were leaving. I was looking at Mitra. She cleaned her desk, packed her bag to leave. She went to the door, turned back to bid bye to her friends and looked at me. I was already there gazing at her. She smiled, with a thanks gesture and bid bye to me as well. She doesn’t know that I couldn’t take my eyes off her the whole day, does she?


Page – 10 – (25/07/2010)

I went out for dinner last night with my family. I dozed off on my couch seeing the cricket match between India vs England. I woke up a little late at 11 am today. I wonder why my parents didn’t wake me up earlier. Usually they wake me up early in the morning even on the weekends. They really don’t know the difference between weekdays and weekends. Weekends are for fun and fun alone. Why does nobody do that anymore? Forget having fun, what’s worse is that they give assignments on the very last working day of the week to ensure that we don’t have any kind of opportunities to be happy in the weekend. The world is messed up. But whatever, I’ll learn to survive.
None of my friends showed up. Maybe they have kept themselves busy with the assignments. It was a boring day. I logged into Facebook and went to Mitra’s profile once again. Pointing the cursor on the ‘add friend’ button, I was thinking of sending her a friend request. I talked to her just yesterday. What will she think if I send her a request immediately the next day? Cheap? Silly?
But, it’s okay. What’s there to lose? I’m sending her a request.
(okay, maybe out of over self-confidence I did that. But I feel fear now. I can’t unsend my request, because even if I did cancel my request, the notifications will still pop up on her screen. So, I can’t back out of it now. What should I do? I am panicking.)
The minute I clicked the mouse button, I logged off from Facebook, switched off the computer and went straight to bed hoping she doesn’t reply before I get out of my Facebook account. I don’t know why I did that, but maybe because I didn’t want an immediate response to my request.
Page 11 – (26/07/2010)

The first thing I did in the morning when I woke up is to sign into face book. I checked for notifications. There were none. My request wasn’t responded. I checked her ‘last seen’. It was a while ago. Surely, she would have seen my request. She chose to ignore it. Guess she thought I was acting cheap. It was JUST A FRIEND REQUEST. I don’t know, a girl with an attitude will never work for me. I’ll just drop off this here and go, carry on with my assignments.
Page 12 – (27/07/2010)

I woke up late, thus I didn’t have time to eat my breakfast. I entered the school gate in the last minute. As soon as I entered into the class, the prayer started and people were all standing in their places. I went to my place and unpacked my bag to take out my assignment so that I can finish the last part. The teacher was late to the class, thereby unintentionally helping me complete my assignment. Classes were as usual boring today.
Mitra smiled at me when we were leaving the school. In reflex, I smiled back at her. But I didn’t want to. She didn’t even accept my friend request. How could I just smile at her? I should have never done that. I should have turned my face away from her.
God, I hate myself. Don’t I have integrity? Don’t I have dignity? Don’t I have shame?
I was cursing myself all the way home. At least until I was notified that my request was accepted.



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