A letter to my best friend

Hey there, best friend.

What’s up?

How’s life? How have you been doing?

It’s been sometime since we caught up with each other. There is a lot of things we have to talk about.

Our lives have changed now and so have we. I received your letter late last week and I read it. I could comprehend more from your handwriting than I could from your texts. Words lie, but writings don’t.

This is a letter that will try hard to lend you its hands to pull you out from the deep water that you have put yourself in.


I know you are going through a lot. I know its difficult for you to handle. But, HOLD ON.

Wait. Wait until things change for better. They definitely will..

Because time doesn’t leave any stone unturned. You know that I don’t believe in anything. Not god, not coincidence and not destiny. But there is something I trust blindfolded.


Just get this straight to your mind. Everything changes over time that is duly given. Love fades, wounds recover and scars heal. There is always an eraser for whatever the pencil had marked. Agree or disagree, but this is how life works.


I know what you are thinking and yes, you are right. I don’t understand what you are going through because no one else really does, they just pretend to do. But don’t worry because everyone’s life is screwed up in their own individual way. We are all trying to find our feet here. Until then, just hang in there in this rough world.


It’s tough, I get it. Trying is tiring, I know. But it’s up to you to make your life easier. Start by setting your priorities right.


Happiness comes first, prioritise it. Sneak it through to you somehow. Grow your ability to be happy anytime, anyplace because being content is your responsibility. Happiness is materialistic in a way. You can’t always have it in your inventory. Make sure you make it the right way and you pass it on to the right people.


Feelings and emotions come next. Protect your feelings. Don’t let anyone hurt you, let alone yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel you are not enough. You are flawless. You are unique. You are stronger than what you think you are. Never mind what others perceive you to be. Its their opinion. Let that stay with themselves.


It is important to express your feelings but it is also necessary to learn to say NO, whenever and wherever needed because it is better to refuse than to regret.  Don’t be too available to anyone. Life and its people take you for granted. Therefore, it is only fair to be selfish to save yourself and to let go off things that bother you. Just be strong enough to know not to give up and smart enough to know when to give up and courageous enough to give up.


It’s okay to be upset over things that didn’t go your way. Bad things happen and we have no control of that. But you are in control of what you feel. Don’t let some random moment get to your head and destroy your entire day. Life is too short to be intimidated.


Don’t pretend to be someone you are not to please people. Be yourself. You need not wear a mask because of what people will think. Its time they get accustomed with your face. People judge and it’s in their nature. You can try to prove them wrong but not their mindset. There is no right way or wrong way in living a life. No one has ever lived a perfect life. Set your own morale, take your chances and live your own life.


I’ll always be there to lend you my shoulder but it’s important for you to back yourself up because it is not okay to be blatantly dependent upon anyone at any time in this narcissistic world.

Heed my words, but stay true to yourself. Life is hard and living isn’t easy, but remember, don’t just breathe to stay alive.

Awaiting to see you do well.

Hope you survive!


With lots of faith,

Aravindh Rk



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