Being Human


Imagine a world where all the people are true to each other and their words, where all the people really mean what they say.

Do you see that picture?

Yes? Good. Because I can’t. Just like Jon Snow said, “When enough people make fake promises, words stop meaning anything”, we are in that world right now.

The most underrated attribute today, is honesty. People lie, make false promises and give wrong commitments. We are looking for the synonym of a word, which has already lost its meaning. We change the words accordingly to handle all the peer pressure, work pressure and personal problems. We lie better and better every day to adapt to our situations. So as to avoid disappointments, anger, arguments and problems, we justify all the lies.

To certain extent, this justification might seem reasonable. But all this has made the reality, a harsh one. This is where the real problem arises, people get a false sense of hope when being lied to. What we don’t realize is that a lie doesn’t just end a lie. It backs itself with thousands of others and creates a chain of falseness. To break the chain, it takes more than one person to stay true. We don’t start with a lie often. It was never our intention in the first place. We all have our own psychological cage, maybe of different sizes which is made up of ego, guilt, greed, jealousy and selfishness and we pretend to live outside this cage. But once when we are forced into our true selves, we are cornered into this psychological cage. To evade this and not to be exposed as its prisoner, we lie, to cover up our ego, guilt, greed and selfishness.

Staying loyal to the words is hard. There is a common perception that truth hurts. Yes, but it also saves a lot of time and pain. Disappointments, betrayals, sufferings are deflected away. We save time and ourselves by not being broken by these things. We never realise that, but all we stick on to saying is, truth is painful. Just ask yourself this question. Do you want to ignore the truth just because you don’t want to get hurt in the process?

People have lost faith on each other. Humanity is dying. This is the consequence of words having lesser and lesser value every day. They say “Promises are meant to be broken”. Maybe, but more the promises you break, the more you undermine your character. Promises are actually meant to be fulfilled and let us remember it that way. Trust and faith shouldn’t just fade away. These are the two most vital things that keep us humane.

It is time for us to restore humanity and relearn what it takes to be a human. Let us mean what we say, act on what we commit and be real in a fake world. Be the drop of truth in an ocean full of lies. Honour comes with honesty and honesty comes at a price. Sure, there will be chaos. But there will also be a meaningful world.


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