The Art of being an artist

To the dancer who broke his feet,

To the guitarist who cut her finger,

To the writer who is depressed,

And to all the artists in this world trying to find their identity,

Keep trying, no matter what.

Because the world gets what it demands and not what it deserves. If it demands engineers over artists and poets, then the world gets it.
Most of us know that the world is getting more materialistic with each passing day. But what most of us don’t realize is that, art and artists can help stop this transition. We are running in this endless race of time in different positions. We have never seen the finish line (hell, we don’t even know if this is a race) but we are trying to get ahead of everyone else. To sustain in this money-oriented environment, people kill their passion. They give up their interests, skills and talent to settle for something much less – money.


All we are, all we do

Never we were, nor we wanted to”.


Being kids, at least in some point, we all have considered ourselves to be something special.

Then pheww… We grow into adults, fighting to find a place in this meaningless race.

Where did we lose that feeling of extraordinary?


Time to dust off your memories and take out your slam book.

How many of the children, when asked about their ambition, answer they want to be a writer, a musician or an artist, rather than an engineer, a scientist or a doctor?



‘’Because you can’t survive being an artist. You can’t have a career in art’’ the society answers.

Doesn’t that tell something about our so-called-society?


Imagine a world where the human lives are not preordained and there is no peer pressure. If all professions and passions have similar reception in terms of respect and monetary, would we still choose what we are doing now?

Some might, some might not. But I’m pretty sure that many of us will not be the same person in that parallel world.


There is a difference between following your dream and finding your passion. Dream is the destination where you want to be at the end of the day, whereas passion is the fuel that gets you through to that place. People teach us only to chase our dreams and intentionally forget to educate the latter. Lucky are those who find their passion and successful are those who realise their dream. But wait, here is the catch. Not all people who are passionate become successful and not all successful people are passionate.


We celebrate successful artists over social media and internet, but not encourage anyone we know, to have a life-career in any form of art. We celebrate only the recognised art and undermine all other artists.


Artists are passionate about their art. They obsess with their art-form. But all odds are against their livelihood. First, for survival, they need to earn. Artists until identified by the world, are unpaid. Next, they have a very limited time resource to prove their selves before being judged as unworthy. The amount of stress and depression they undertake is immense. Still they try, hoping that their passion leads them to success.


Artists bring passion and restore humanity in this society. They help the world keep its sanity. Their contributions are equally important and valuable as engineers’ and doctors’. The world needs more artists to inspire from. Art ignites hope. Everyone needs something to cling onto, when life falls apart. Art is immortal & invaluable to the world and we are going in a direction where art will cease to exist.

True. Art can’t be destroyed, but artists can, which in consequence prevents the creation of art. The world will only become a better place with artists in it.

We are lucky that Shakespeare and Beethoven belonged to a different era. Or else they would have made successful engineers and doctors, too.

Like every craftsman, every artist needs to be applauded and regarded in this world. They deserve this because, they know the art.

The art of survival.








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