Suppose you have a chance to relive this life all over from the start. You have one chance. You can either live the same one or alter it by making different decisions. What will you do?

If you wanted to live the same life all over again, then you can skip this blog (although I recommend otherwise). You are contended with your life and you know to keep yourself happy.

For all those who wanted to live an alternate life, you must read this. It is okay if you wanted to travel a different path. But, what if that path is far worse than the one you are already in. What will you do then?

First, ask yourself this question. Why would you want to live a different life?

Is it because of something that happened in the past that cannot be changed?
If so, why change that?

See, the phrase ‘time heals everything’ isn’t just any other sentence. Emotions and memories work around that. Just like there is nothing perfect in this materialistic world, there is nothing called a scar. Everything fades away with given time. Pain is not what you feel. Pain is actually the time you go through to move on. And you know, time never stops running. So, the healing process never stops, no matter how many times we hurt ourselves.

But, should we hurt ourselves again and again?

When it goes wrong the first time, it’s called a mistake. When you let it go the same way next time, then it’s a self inflicted wound. It will heal, eventually. But the process takes longer and longer when the wounds go deeper and deeper.

Life is after all, a learning process. You fall, you pick yourself and you move on. Therefore, you grow.

Find what makes you happy. There is always something to be happy about everything. Find it. But don’t stick on to one particular reason. Because in a galaxy of millions of stars, there are a billion things to be happy about.

Do not find happiness in someone else. I repeat, DO NOT. Because this one is addictive and no addiction makes our life better. Remember, Happiness starts with ‘H’  ‘U’. If you can find happiness for yourself, just spread it out by smiling it out. Because the world needs it desperately.

At last, Choose to stay happy, because happiness is a choice.


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