The Undying romance

‘When change is not the only constant in life..’


“I’ll come early today. Let’s go for a movie and grab some dinner” he kisses his wife and leaves the house. After all it was not any other day. It was their 6th year anniversary. He had plans to surprise her. He had bought her a diamond ring from her favourite jewellery shop. To complement the ring, he had flowers and her favourite chocolates. Reaching his office, he kept them all in the car and went for work. He stared at the clock wishing it’d go faster until it is evening. At last it was 5 pm and he rushed to complete his work and quickly started from his office. He was really excited to see her face when he gave her the ring and the flowers. He reaches his home, finally. “Honey, ready?” He shouted entering the house. He searches for her in the house and finds her in the old living room. She stood there wearing a blue shaded saree, smiling. He kisses her on her forehead. “You look as stunning as ever. This saree never fails to impress me.” She wears the same saree with the same smile as she wears every other day. After all, she was nothing but a laminated photo. Bending his knee, “I love you and I know you love me too. Here’s a gift you have always wanted“, he takes the diamond ring and places it besides her photo, with the chocolates that have melted and the flowers that are wilted. He bends down listening to her for a minute and replies “You want to know how much I love you? Know this. My heart will beat as long as it knows you are with me, for me, by my side. I will keep loving you for ever and ever.”


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