Immortal memories

Episode 1.

Hey! This is a personal belonging of Rahul Madhavan. Glad you found this diary from somewhere that I thought would be safe. But, if your name is not Rahul Madhavan, please stop here and do not proceed further.

Dear trespassers, At least pretend to have not read this when I am around.



                                                      PAGE 1 – (03/01/2010)

It is the third day of the year. I thought I’ll start writing a diary, just because I didn’t want to talk too much to anyone. Feelings and emotions are too complex for people to understand, so I didn’t want to risk it. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to write down each and every day this year but I’ll try to pen down all the important things.


                                                       PAGE 2 – (04/01/2010)

Nothing important happened today. So I thought I’ll introduce myself to the hopefully wiser, older me who is reading this now (assuming no one else finds out and reads).

Hi, I’m Rahul and I’m 15 years old now. I’ll be completing my high school in a few months. Board exams are around the corner. Life is hard right now and I really wish that I could skip the next 3 months of my life.


                                                       PAGE 3 – (29/04/2010)

It has been nearly 4 months since I wrote my diary. I didn’t find time to write anything, other than my exams. Now, my board exams are over and the results have come. I aggregated 87% in the exams. My parents are a little disappointed of my score. But we know, satisfying them is just a tad easier to counting the stars. I decided to continue with the same school because I am familiar with everyone here and I am not much of a social person. Joining a new school, it’ll take at least 2 years for me to gel with the new people. By then, school will be over. So, just another two more years for me in the same old place.

                                                       PAGE 4 – (06/06/2010)

Summer vacation was fun. Late mornings and early nights. I spent the entire holiday playing cricket. I love the game. There were no holiday trips this time and I didn’t go to my native place either. I’m a kind of routine person. Then, I joined guitar classes. So, the summer holiday was perfect for me. School is reopening tomorrow. Some of my old classmates have moved to another school and there are some new faces coming in. But all in all, I am going to spend the next two years with the people I have known for years. So nothing changes much for me except for the new school bag that I bought yesterday.

                                                       PAGE 5 – (07/06/2010)

Being the first day of school, I went early to get myself a corner bench to lean on the window. The school bell started ringing as soon as it was time for the first hour. I was looking through the window, gazing at the school bell and from nowhere, a girl came running in the corridor. Breathing heavily, she stopped at our doorstep. The teacher called her inside and introduced her. “The only new admission to our class this year everyone, let’s welcome Mitra Anand”. With her blushing gesture and a faint smile… that’s when it all began!

                                                            – to be continued –


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